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Clavier arabe co a Windows Freeware

You can download the windows desktop version of our freeware Arabic Keyboard. Write arabic with our virtual arabic keyboard. Freeware download

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Download the freeware arabic keyboard,clavier arabe 5000

Download the arabic keyboard for free

Name of the freeware: clavier arabe co
Type of the software: Freeware (Can be freely distributed withoud modification),
installation of freeware: Only un .exe file, no installation is required (a portable application),
Description of the software:
This application software is simply the desktop windows version of the arabic keyboard, availlable on our website This arabic keyboard, lets write texts in arabic language. We can use this Windows freeware to write arabic, search on Google, Youtube aand Facebook, and Translation. The translation is the integration of the Google translation. It allows translation to arabic, and translation from arabic to other languages (french, english, italina, spanish,...). The software is very simple to use.

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